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Fomento Económico Laguna de Coahuila, A.C (FOMEC) is the economic development entity of the “Laguna Region”, State of Coahuila in México. A nonprofit organization funded by the State and local Government and the city of Torreón Private Sector. FOMEC has promoted the region’s attractiveness to investors and companies with interests in expanding in Torreón-La Laguna Region. FOMEC has been a catalyst between Investors and Government Agencies in securing the necessary support for companies investing locally.

Founded in 1994, FOMEC has assisted many companies in the decision-making process regarding their site location. Companies like John Deere Motors, Caterpillar, Takata, Superior Essex, Delphi, Sumitomo, Toyota Boshoku and many others, have been attended by us.

FOMEC is the main source to obtain all the information needed for free and with STRICT CONFIDENTIALITY.

Member of:

Economic Partnerships


·Local Developers.

·Shelter Services Providers.

·Local, State and Federal Entities.


To facilitate the site selection process, we grant these free services:


Soft Landing Office: During your ramp up process you can access an office space in our facilities, with internet, phone, fax and printing access that will help you jump start your operation in Torreón City.


Realtors & Developers: Scout available buildings or discuss build to spec possibilities with developers and realtors in Laguna Region.


Benchmarking: Meet other plant managers and hear from their success experience in Torreón


Government Agencies & Authorities: Explore how to address environmental issues, zoning permits and construction licenses, as well as an established link with State and Federal agencies.


Suppliers Chain Location: Access to industry capabilities and products information. Visit plants that can be your suppliers or customers.


Incentive Program Information: Find out how to access government sponsored training programs, tax exemptions and other benefits you might be able to qualify according to the state of Coahuila Economic Development Policies.


Regional Information: Obtain relevant information to your project, such as climate, water quality, etc.


Industrial Costs: facilitate access to cost information for all your production process as electricity, water, salaries and wages, etc.


Support in legal proceedings: We help and advice on all the paperwork for expedited any legal proceedings against state or local authorities.

And any other services to help your project to be viable in our region.

Paseo de la Moneda 11, Torreón, Coahuila, Mexico CP 27250

Phone & Fax 52 (871)732·0929


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